Jawi: Enforcement procedures will be reviewed, improved if necessary

The Federal Territories Religious Department says enforcement is the last resort as its focus is on prevention.

PETALING JAYA: The Federal Territories Religious Department (Jawi) is open to reviewing standard operating procedures on enforcement activities carried out in relation to shariah offences.

Department director Mohd Ajib Ismail said this would be done from time to time to ensure its effectiveness and would be improved if necessary.

“Jawi, as an agency entrusted to carry out enforcement activities under the law, has done so very carefully and in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP).

“However, should there be any weaknesses, the SOP can be reviewed from time to time, to ensure its effectiveness, and will be improved if necessary.

“Jawi is open to any ideas, views, proposals and criticisms from any quarters to help us improve,” he said in a statement today.

Jawi’s statement comes on the back of remarks initially attributed to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa who was reported as saying that there would be no more late night vice raids by state religious authorities.

Ajib also believed that Mujahid’s comments, in an interview with The Star, had been misinterpreted.

Mujahid had stressed that he never uttered the words in the article’s headline – “No more night khalwat raids or intrusion into Muslims’ private lives, says Mujahid”.

Ajib said Jawi was currently focusing on prevention and giving information to Muslims to not commit offences under the shariah law.

“Hence, enforcement will only be carried out as a last resort, to prevent further spread of vice activities,” he said.