Rafizi takes slim lead over Azmin after winning FT polls

Rafizi Ramli has won in 51 out of 88 divisions so far.

PETALING JAYA: PKR’s Rafizi Ramli says he has taken a slim lead over incumbent Mohamad Azmin Ali in the race for the deputy president’s post after winning the party polls in the Federal Territories.

Rafizi won in seven of the 13 divisions in FT, with 2,934 votes against Azmin’s 2,794.

In his tweet, Rafizi said that he was leading against Azmin in the PKR polls so far by a slim 0.2% margin, gaining 19,160 votes against Azmin’s 19,112 votes, a difference of 48 votes. He said he won in four out of six states so far.

Rafizi won in 51 out of the 88 divisions in the six states that have voted so far.

Yesterday, members in Pahang voted, where Rafizi similarly said he had the upper hand. This has yet to be validated.

The other states that have voted are Penang, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu.