Rafizi’s win in Pahang is suspect, says Zuraida

Zuraida Kamaruddin says her team will remain ‘gentleman’ pending the announcement of the official results.

KUALA LUMPUR: Zuraida Kamaruddin’s team today claimed that PKR deputy presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli’s win in Pahang was suspect, but said they would remain “gentlemen” until official results are announced next month.

“Even though we know there are matters we are suspicious of, we are ‘gentlemen’ about it,” she told reporters after inspecting the voting process at Sentul PKR today.

Zuraida is contesting a vice-presidency post, and her team is engaged in a fierce competition with Rafizi’s camp for the party’s top positions. Rafizi is trying to unseat incumbent deputy president Mohamad Azmin Ali.

Rafizi had yesterday declared victory in Pahang after 14 divisions completed their voting. According to Rafizi, he won in eight divisions with 2,383 votes, which is 85 more than the 2,298 votes Azmin garnered.

However, Zuraida believes that her camp will win the party polls when the official results are announced next month.

“In the end, I believe we will win,” she said, adding that this party election is a test of the members’ maturity.

“Those at the bottom are choosing based on what their division leaders have said to influence them. So, they just follow without evaluating the leaders. We have no choice but to accept,” she said.

The voting in the Federal Territories was carried out today, involving 34,892 members from 13 divisions.

Rafizi has declared victory over Azmin in the Federal Territories and said he had taken a slim lead in the overall race after six states cast their votes.