Nothing wrong with Pahang polls, says PKR election committee

PETALING JAYA: PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din today dismissed the notion that something was amiss with the party polls in Pahang after a senior leader cast doubt on the results.

Speaking to FMT, Rashid said to his knowledge, there was “nothing wrong” with the voting in Pahang over the weekend.

He was commenting on Zuraida Kamaruddin’s remarks that PKR deputy presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli’s win in Pahang was suspect.

Zuraida is contesting a vice-presidency post, and her team is engaged in a fierce competition with Rafizi’s camp for the party’s top positions. Rafizi meanwhile is trying to unseat incumbent deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Rafizi declared victory in Pahang after garnering 2,383 votes against Azmin’s 2,298.

However, Rashid said the results were not official as they needed to be audited due to the presence of “dubious voters”.

“There are dubious voters in all states. We have to check whether they are really members, then act accordingly.”

The main contest in the PKR election is the battle for the deputy presidency. Rafizi said he had taken a slim lead in the overall race after six states cast their votes.

The contentious party polls have been marred by technical issues and even brawls due to the dissatisfaction of some members over how the election is being carried out, including the use of the e-voting system.