Rafidah : Drop GLCs, go for development-linked companies

KUALA LUMPUR: Former international trade and industry minister Rafidah Aziz today suggested that government-linked companies be replaced by development-linked companies, to take the politics out of them.

“Think about it,” she said, “governments and companies are antitheses to one another.”

“When you say ‘government-linked company’ that’s when politics takes over,” she said during a panel discussion at the investment conference “Malaysia: A New Dawn”, this evening.

The AirAsia X chairman noted that people were rejecting politics-centric governance and wanted people-centric governance.

She added, “We’d like to see PH (Pakatan Harapan) start a new culture of being people-centric, and go all the way with it.”

Rafidah said the PH government needed to be fluid and “future-proof”, that is, they should put in efforts to remain relevant in the future.

“Don’t shackle yourself to a manifesto that won the election three months ago. The external environment is ever changing.

“When you talk about having a party that is future- proof, it means you have to look beyond anything that you promise within any one year or any one budget for that matter.”

She said in order for PH to remain relevant, government strategies must be adaptable to the future.