Everyone must abide by the law, says Dr M

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today highlighted the importance of everyone, even the administrators and the rulers, abiding by the law in order to rehabilitate the country.

Citing the rule of law principle in the Rukun Negara, he said non-compliance could lead to chaos and make the recovery process difficult.

“We have to abide by the law in everything we do. The prime minister or the rulers, ministers or administrative officers, the police or military, must abide by the law in their every action. Not going by the rules can cause chaos in our country.

“This is of utmost importance because we are trying to revive the government of this country. If we are not guided by the law, the recovery will not happen,” he said in his address at the monthly assembly of the Prime Minister’s Department at Dataran Perdana here today.

Mahathir also said the government needed good laws which uphold justice and do not put pressure on or marginalise anyone.

Mahathir said a civilised nation would accept laws and regulations for its survival and development.

“We know we are a civilised nation. Civilised people do not act without laws and regulations.

“If we do not recognise rules or laws, then we cannot claim that we are a civilised nation.”

He said although Malaysia was a democratic country, it was of utmost importance for everyone to abide by the laws which protect the people, the rulers and the administration.