Hard times are a test from God, says Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim. (Bernama pic)

PORT DICKSON: PKR’s Port Dickson candidate Anwar Ibrahim yesterday recalled the difficult times he had been through, saying they taught him valuable lessons.

“That is why I think God puts us to test, so that we become better people. So that we remember (that there may be) people who are going through hard times.

“(I have learned) to not just look at ministerial positions but to remember that we work because of the people,” he told an audience of about 100 at the Sri Mahamariaman temple in Lukut here.

Anwar, who was finance minister from 1991 to 1998 and education minister before that from 1986 to 1991, said this was only possible with the support of the people.

Likewise, he added, he would only become Port Dickson MP if the people gave him their support.

On his plans for the constituency, he said education was his top priority.

“That is why when I announced help for Port Dickson, I put education on top of the list of things I want to do for this area.

“Estate workers, don’t you want your children to land higher paying jobs? How do you ensure that your children grow up to be teachers, lawyers or doctors?

“Education is key to everything,” he said. “That is why I announced an education project here with the goal of uplifting the community.”

He also acknowledged that he was previously naive about Port Dickson, thinking that it was problem-free.

“But when I came in, I saw how the fishing villages and estates were in bad shape.

“So I made it a point to clean up Port Dickson, to take into account all the problems faced by the people here.”

Anwar added that he had not been able to campaign for himself as he had been in prison for a long time.

“During the 14th general election, (Pakatan Harapan) campaigned but I didn’t. I have been going through hard times for a long time now,” he said.

“I hope everyone here can support my cause so that I can carry out the work I have planned for Port Dickson.”