Avoid working where alcohol is served, Mujahid tells Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR: The minister in charge of Islamic affairs today advised Muslims to avoid working in outlets that sell alcohol to steer clear of situations in which they may be forced to handle such beverages.

Mujahid Yusof Rawa said Islam forbids its adherents from having anything to do with alcohol, adding that religious scholars had said it was haram or prohibited for Muslims to be involved in grape-pressing, even if they do not consume the wine.

“If you know that your work place deals with such matters (selling alcoholic beverages), you should be wary.

“If you decide to take the job, you must know that it will include serving customers who buy alcohol,” he said at a dialogue here last night.

He was asked to comment on a video of a patron at a convenience store in Johor Bahru, who berated the cashier for refusing to scan an alcoholic beverage. The cashier had said she was not allowed to handle such drinks, and that she had just performed ablution.

Mujahid also urged social media users not to share the video, saying it concerned an issue that was sensitive to Muslims.

“What we dislike about this matter is that the video humiliates the cashier because she refused to handle the bottle,” he said.