Sabah PKR chief denies rift from party polls

Sabah PKR chief Christina Liew.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah PKR chief Christina Liew has dismissed notions that the PKR election has caused a rift among members in the state amid claims by her political secretary that he was made the target of political rivals ahead of the party polls.

Raymond Ahuar, who was cleared by the police of any involvement in a rape allegation made by two Indonesian women, had said the rape accusation was an attempt to sabotage him.

Liew said there could be some truth to what Ahuar, who is the state PKR Youth chief, claimed, but rubbished talk that this was a result of the polls splitting the party.

“Whenever an election nears there will be allegations or rumours. It’s quite normal. I don’t know what the cause of this so-called scheme against him is, but we will never know until an investigation is done.

“But I’m glad to hear the Sabah police commissioner’s comments after the investigations found him (Ahuar) not in the wrong… that the case is closed. So I’m very happy,” she said after an event here today.

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah on Tuesday cleared Ahuar of the alleged rape, saying police had picked up a 31-year-old suspect after the women, aged 36 and 23, lodged a police report on Sept 25.

He said the women did not name Ahuar as the perpetrator in their complaint.

Omar said police investigations were two-pronged: one on the rape claims and the other on defamation under Section 500 of the Penal Code.

Ahuar had lodged a police report over the accusation, which was allegedly made by one of the women in a YouTube video posting last Friday.

Ahuar, who is part of Rafizi Ramli’s team, is contesting the PKR deputy youth chief post at central level. He also hopes to become a member of the national leadership council.

Rafizi is challenging incumbent Mohamed Azmin Ali for the party’s deputy presidency.