Tough to handle Negeri Sembilan PPBM but it can be done, says Rais

Negeri Sembilan PPBM chairman Rais Yatim speaks at a ceramah in Port Dickson.

PORT DICKSON: Negeri Sembilan PPBM chairman Rais Yatim says he is having a “tough time” handling the party’s issues in the state, but is optimistic that they can be resolved.

Rais, a former Umno veteran, joined PPBM in June after he was accused of speaking against the Barisan Nasional component party.

Last month, he was appointed by PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin to help reorganise the party in the state following a series of problems which saw the dissolution of all divisions in Negeri Sembilan to make way for fresh appointments at the branch and division levels.

Speaking at a ceramah here last night, he said the problems included infighting, lack of activity and the desire for positions.

He added that certain trends had developed over the past two years.

“I quelled all that, and I told them you have to abide by the leadership system and discipline yourself. We already have 60 to 70 new faces for the interim committees.

“I’m very positive, and we’re going to reorganise the interim committees in all eight divisions. On Oct 20, we will decide.

“The hanky-panky and all the disruptions, we are quite used to it.”