Call everyone to come home and vote, Anwar tells PD folk

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim on the campaign trail in Port Dickson. (Bernama pic)

PORT DICKSON: PKR’s by-election candidate Anwar Ibrahim issued a plea yesterday for constituents to rally voters outside Port Dickson to return for polling day tomorrow.

He said throughout his campaign trail, people had asked him if he would return to Parliament.

“When Dr Mahathir Mohamad steps down, I will take over as prime minister,” he told the crowd at a ceramah in Tanah Merah last night.

“But for Port Dickson, I will promise you one thing: if you give me a chance, I will rearrange programmes to develop the area.”

In order for this to happen, he said, he needed the help of the constituents.

“Don’t take it lightly. A lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t worry, Datuk Seri, we have won.’ That is true, but I do not want to become only a parliamentarian.

“The whole of Malaysia is watching Port Dickson. In fact, the whole world is watching too. During the election campaign, people from Manila and Jakarta came by. Even the US is watching to see if the people of Port Dickson will really support Anwar.”

He said the problem was that many voters lived outside of Port Dickson, in areas such as Nilai, Senawang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Singapore.

“If they don’t come back, our votes will drop. So I am asking for your help to call them back. Promise me, don’t sleep tonight until you have managed to convince them (to come back).”

He acknowledged that it would be impossible to have a 100% voter turnout, but said they needed to do their best.

“That is why we need to find a way (to bring them home). If you have a problem, let us know. We will resolve it. Give their numbers to the (YBs) to call and find out (what they need to bring them back).”

The Port Dickson by-election was called after the incumbent MP Danyal Balagopal Abdullah stepped down to pave the way for Anwar’s return to Parliament.

Anwar faces six other candidates: PAS’ Mohd Nazari Mokhtar and independents Isa Samad, Stevie Chan, Kan Chee Yuen, Lau Seck Yan and Saiful Bukhari Azlan.