Go out early to vote, says Anwar as campaign comes to a close

PH candidate Anwar Ibrahim speaking at his final ceramah before polling on Saturday.

PORT DICKSON: Tonight is the last night of campaigning for the Port Dickson by-election and PKR’s candidate Anwar Ibrahim has reminded everyone to sleep early so that they will be fresh on polling day.

“Go home tonight, quickly switch off the lights and have a good rest. Because tomorrow, you will need to wake up early to go out and vote.

“I have even told my friends from various states, who are here on holiday, to not drive until after the polling stations are closed.

“Because tomorrow, even the police have indicated that there will be massive traffic congestion in Port Dickson.

“I told them if they want to drive, come out later. Make way for the voters tomorrow,” he told an audience of about 1,000 in Linggi.

Anwar also expressed heartfelt gratitude for those who have returned from overseas to vote.

“I met a voter, she told me that she came back from Melbourne to vote and will be flying out on Sunday.

“I was also told by Muar MP Syed Saddiq (Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman) that a businessman has charted transport to bring back 70 Port Dickson voters.

“I feel a slight relief after hearing this,” he said.

He also criticised independent candidates for hurling personal attacks at him.

He said while he was busy listing out things to do for Port Dickson, the opposition was busy digging up his summonses.

News about Anwar’s alleged 57 unpaid police summonses, totalling RM8,730, was making the rounds on social media.

“I have already paid my summonses. I was in prison how was I to pay them?

“If they are aspiring to be MPs, they should be talking about what they want to do as MPs.

“So, we don’t need to talk about them,” he said.

Anwar who was also present at Bagan Pinang, told the people of Port Dickson who work in factories not to allow themselves to be bullied by factory owners.

“We must stop all these ‘robbing’ from the people, where factory workers are bullied and not paid well,” he said.

Tomorrow, Port Dickson voters will determine who will be their new MP. There are five state constituencies under the Port Dickson parliamentary seat – Chuah, Lukut, Bagan Pinang, Linggi and Sri Tanjung.

The Port Dickson by-election is being held after its incumbent Danyal Balagopal Abdullah stepped down to make way for Anwar who is attempting to return to Parliament.