What about socks, Bata asks after ministry’s decision on black shoes

The education ministry has said the policy on using black shoes in schools will be carried out in stages. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Local footwear manufacturer and retailer Bata Primavera Sdn Bhd has welcomed the education ministry’s decision to fully enforce the use of black shoes in schools only in 2021, but now questions if there was a similar decision on the colour of socks.

“As reported in the media, the education ministry has notified all school principals to adhere to the instruction that all school children are free to wear either white or black shoes up till the year 2020,” Bata said today.

“This statement from the ministry has been well received by the public, especially parents who were confused on which colour shoe should they purchase for their children.

“On that note, it is also vital that the education ministry releases a follow-up statement to finalise the colour of the socks that the students should wear to avoid any further confusion,” the company said in a statement to FMT.

Last July, Education Minister Maszlee Malik was reported to have said that students would wear black shoes to school from next year as many parents complained that white shoes get dirty easily.

Various quarters, including the Malaysian Retailers Association, had expressed concern over the new policy, as there was a possibility that manufacturers and retailers might not be able to meet the demand for black shoes.

Following that, Maszlee said the government agreed to give a year for all quarters to prepare.

On Saturday, the education ministry issued a statement saying the regulation would be enforced in stages beginning next year.

It urged school administrators not to enforce the regulation of wearing only black shoes yet.

“During the transition period, students are still allowed to wear white shoes to school,” it said, adding that parents need not be hasty in buying black shoes as their children still had the option of wearing white shoes until 2020.

The colour of socks was not specified.

Bata said it was happy the issue on the wearing of black shoes had been resolved.

It said it would like to plan and move forward with this new decision and expressed satisfaction over the ministry’s decision.