Show proof Warisan handing out ICs to illegals and I will quit, says Leiking

A huge crowd of foreigners flocking to an immigration office issuing IMM13 passes in Kota Kinabalu recently. (Youtube screengrab)

KOTA KINABALU: Darell Leiking has vowed he will leave Warisan if the opposition is able to furnish proof that his party was really involved in dishing out identity cards (ICs) to illegal immigrants as claimed.

Speaking to reporters after a job fair held by Warisan Penampang here today, the visibly upset Warisan deputy president said he would personally accompany those with evidence to the police station to make a report.

“If there is indeed proof that Warisan is giving ICs to illegal immigrants, I will quit Warisan. If you have evidence I will want to work with you.

“We have never given any ICs to illegal immigrants. I just want to save Sabah just like you.

“So enough of your lies … whack us on our failure to do our work but don’t hit us with your lies,” said Leiking, who is also the international trade and industry minister.

The Warisan-led government has come under close scrutiny, particularly on the issue of late citizenship.

The recent registration of children of IMM13 holders by the Sabah Immigration Department started the rumour mills churning again, with claims that it would lead to the eventual granting of citizenship to foreigners.

However, Immigration Department director-general Mustafar Ali has since denied there was any such registration, pointing out that it was instead a census to ascertain the number of stateless children in Sabah.

Leiking said he was also disappointed to find out that the ones responsible for fanning the lies were from his own community.

“I’m angry because it affects my people. I tell you, the most active people who are making an issue out of this are the Kadazandusun.

“They keep on saying this, as if we are doing something that is destroying our community. That’s stupid, some of you can’t even speak Kadazan and you talk about helping Kadazans,” he said.

“Sabahans must stop thinking like that, we are better than that. If Sabahans are stuck in that whirlpool, we’ll be stuck like that forever. Your political leaders will be the ones to benefit, not you.”

No Upko reps as Penampang council

Meanwhile, on the alleged absence of representatives from Upko, one of Warisan’s partners in the Sabah government, in the Penampang district council, Leiking said the party will be accommodated in other ways.

“What is important are not positions … is that what we wanted when we contested in the general election?

“There is no such thing as revenge. We forgive and we want the best people to work.”

Penampang Upko Youth had voiced its disappointment that a “leaked” list of councillors for the Penampang district council did not include any representatives from the party.

The list has made its rounds on social media since last week. The names of the 20 councillors were drawn from Warisan, DAP and PKR, leaving out Upko.

Penampang Upko Youth chief Ronny Dingon said if the list was real, then it would be against the vision of Chief Minister Shafie Apdal who had wanted all partners in the new Warisan-led Sabah government to work together at all levels.