Don’t confirm results yet, Tian Chua tells PKR election committee

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PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Tian Chua today called on the party’s election committee (JPP) to withhold confirmation of all polling results pending an inquiry to investigate all possible flaws, loopholes and weaknesses in the election.

He voiced regret over the “chaos and irregularities” that had marked the PKR polls so far, saying the misconduct of “certain irresponsible individuals” had affected public perception of the party.

“Oversights and erroneous calculations must be rectified thoroughly in order to overcome the credibility discrepancy of the party election process,” he said in a statement.

Tian Chua had previously called for an audit of PKR’s Melaka and Negeri Sembilan party elections, saying “the results could be doubtful”.

Today, he said it appeared that “some ambitious individuals” were willing to pursue power and positions at any cost, even at the expense of the party’s public support.

PKR vice-president Tian Chua.

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen much unruly behaviour such as the mobilisation of fake members to vote and the creation of violent havoc at voting stations, not to mention unfounded allegations and vicious personal attacks made against other comrades.

“PKR aspires to be an open, progressive and democratic party, yet the inability of the party’s secretariat office and JPP to administrate a smooth and professional election process has resulted in party members and the public at large casting doubt on the integrity of the elections.”

Tian Chua welcomed the call by incoming president Anwar Ibrahim for a thorough investigation of the polls, urging the disciplinary committee and JPP to take firm action against individuals who had “crossed the line”.

“The JPP must not be intimidated by these individuals,” he added. “If any evidence of abuse is found, their candidacy should be struck off. This will serve as a warning to others.”