Chong Wei: Pray for me to win my off-court battle with cancer

Lee Chong Wei. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: National badminton star Lee Chong Wei, who is recovering from nose cancer, said he may return to the badminton court in February, depending on the progress he makes and his doctors’ advice.

He told the New Straits Times in an interview that he was fighting the cancer and asked his fans to pray that he would win “this off-court battle”.

He said he could only have limited visitors because he could pick up infections as his immune level was low.

“I know many want to visit me or for me to be seen in public but I do hope they understand why I am not able to make any public appearance.”

He thanked his fans for their messages for his wellbeing and on his birthday.

“More importantly, thank you for being understanding. As you all know I am a fighter on the court and please pray that I win this off-court battle. Your prayers provide me with the strength.”

Lee said he was shocked when he learned he had cancer but that he had now accepted it.

“No one expects things like this. When it was confirmed, I sought treatment and now we just have to see how it goes. But I feel optimistic and will adhere to doctors’ orders to overcome this.”

He said he felt fine now and was resting.

Asked about Wong Choong Hann being appointed coaching director, the international star said it was good that the Badminton Association of Malaysia had given a local the job. But, he added, Wong had a tough task ahead.

“He needs the cooperation of all the coaches in the national set-up and it is they who must decide their commitment and assistance to Choong Hann. It’s a collective effort and I hope the coaches will be honest and work together as one team. Only then, can we improve our international fortunes.”