Family of Malaysian makes final appeal to Singapore president ahead of execution

Prabu N Pathmanathan is slated for execution at Singapore’s Changi Prison tomorrow.

PETALING JAYA: The family of a Malaysian has filed a last minute appeal with Singapore President Halimah Yacob, ahead of his execution tomorrow for a conviction of a drug offence four years ago.

A petition to seek clemency for Prabu N Pathmanathan, 31, was submitted to the presidential palace by his mother and sister this morning.

Prabu’s mother K Suguna, father N Pathmanathan and his five siblings signed the petition, according to his lawyer N Surendran.

“We once again appeal to the government of Singapore and its president to spare this young Malaysian from the gallows tomorrow,” said Surendran, who also heads rights group Lawyers for Liberty.

The appeal by his family comes a day after Putrajaya said it was writing to the Singapore government, asking it to halt the execution at Changi Prison tomorrow.

Surendran said his client’s family appreciated the government’s efforts to seek clemency on their behalf.

Prabu was found guilty of trafficking drugs across the causeway in 2014.

Surendran had earlier questioned the circumstances surrounding Prabu’s conviction, noting that the drugs were found in a vehicle driven by another person.

He also said that confessions obtained against Prabu were made under duress.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has also joined the calls to spare Prabu of the death sentence.

Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Amnesty’s Singapore researcher, also urged Singapore to follow Malaysia’s example in suspending all executions pending amendments to laws on the death penalty.

“The fact Prabu Pathmanathan’s family in Malaysia received news of his impending execution – all while their own government have just resolved to end this abhorrent practice – makes this case even more troubling,” she said.

“This cruel and irreversible punishment has no place in any society, as more than two-thirds of the world’s countries have come to recognise”.