Final phase of PKR election in Selangor today

Voting proceeding for the PKR election in Selangor. (Bernama pic)

SHAH ALAM: The final phase of the PKR polls in Selangor, which sees over 61,000 members from six divisions cast their ballots, has begun.

The six divisions are Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor, Ampang, Pandan, Shah Alam and Hulu Langat, which have 61,965 members in total.

Tanjong Karang has 3,418 members, Kuala Selangor 17,737, Ampang 12,626, Pandan 7,017, Shah Alam 9,309 and Hulu Langat 11,858.

The voting process, using e-voting, is expected to begin at 9am and end at 5pm.

In the two phases of the election involving 16 divisions earlier, Mohamed Azmin Ali, who is defending his deputy presidency, led with 14,315 votes while his challenger, Rafizi Ramli, garnered 12,948 votes.

Meanwhile, PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din said they had taken appropriate action, including updating the e-voting system, to ensure there are no more issues regarding missing votes.

This problem had plagued several divisions in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan earlier.

“So, the voters need not worry about missing votes. The voting system is very transparent. There is no issue of us taking any side,” he told Bernama.

He previously said IT experts had confirmed that the incident involving 2,000 votes that “disappeared” in the polls in several divisions in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan recently was due to the data not being uploaded to the cloud due to the weak internet access.

Rashid also gave an assurance on the existence of “phantom voters”, reported during the elections in several divisions in Selangor earlier.

“Actually, there is no issue with these so-called ‘phantom voters’. They have to fill in a form. We’ll allow them to vote but will refer to the form and later screen them. If they are not party members, we will trash their votes.

“On the allegation that there were military personnel voting earlier, these people cannot vote because they do not have the civilian identity cards (MyKad).

“In order to vote, they must produce the civilian identity card beforehand.”

He said the number of election workers had also been increased to speed up the voting process at every division.