Problem with e-voting system: Kuala Selangor PKR polls postponed

Some voters at the Kuala Selangor PKR election had arrived at 8am and had to wait several hours before being told the polls had been postponed. (Bernama pic)

KUALA SELANGOR: PKR’s election for Kuala Selangor division, which was supposed to be conducted today, was forced to be postponed due to the failure of the e-voting system.

Azmira Ibrahim, the head of its central election committee (JPP), said they would bring the matter up for discussion before deciding on the new date, NST Online reported.

“Today, we are facing some problem as the internet failed to support the e-voting system.

“This was unexpected because we have done enough preparations.

“From yesterday until this morning, our committee had checked the condition of the internet connection and all was good,” she told reporters when met at the polling centre in Kuala Selangor today.

Asked on the delay in announcing the postponement, Azmira said they had to consult the party’s Central Executive Committee before making the decision.

Some voters had arrived at 8am and were made to wait hours.

Police were reported to have been called in to restore calm.

Meanwhile, Juwairiya Zulkifli, the candidate contesting for the post of Kuala Selangor division chief, told Bernama JPP should re-evaluate the use of the e-ballot system.

“This is not the first time that the weak internet connection problem has occurred.

“It also happened in the elections earlier in Melaka and Kedah, and the JPP had then given an assurance that the same thing would not be repeated, but it was repeated today.

“If we use the manual system, this will not happen,” said the Bukit Melawati assemblywoman.

Juwairiya said she and the other candidates had agreed that it was best for the polls to be postponed after taking into consideration the safety and convenience of PKR members who were present and also not to cause any commotion.