Cops urged to probe claims of ‘slavery’ in Bentong

A group of workers from India claim they have been mistreated and have not been paid.

PETALING JAYA: A group of Indian workers in Bentong, Pahang, have claimed that they are being held against their will by the agent who brought them to Malaysia.

They said the agent had threatened to send their “dead bodies home”.

In a police report sighted by FMT, P Muniandy, who is the political secretary to minister P Waythamoorthy, urged police to investigate the claims made by the workers in a video which has since gone viral in Malaysia and India.

In the video, the workers, allegedly from Thirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, India, say they were tricked by their agent who held them against their will for four months in Bentong.

One worker says they want Putrajaya and the Tamil Nadu government to help them, as they have not been paid their salaries.

“When we asked them to send us back, the agent threatened us and said they would only send our dead bodies back,” said the worker in Tamil. They also said their employer was keeping their passports.

Another worker says there are 48 of them and they just want to go home.

According to the worker, they were not even allowed to talk to each other for more than 10 minutes and they only managed to take the video after the agent and employer went out to buy petrol.

Muniandy said it appeared from the video that the workers were being treated like slaves and urged the police to determine if the claims in the video were true.