I’m sorry, says man who scolded beer promoter

PETALING JAYA: The man who scolded a beer promoter for giving out samples in the non-halal section of a hypermarket has issued a public apology for his behaviour.

In a 45-second video clip uploaded on Twitter yesterday, the man who identified himself as Edi Rejang said he acknowledged his wrongdoing and regretted his behaviour towards the promoter.

“I would like to apologise to all Malaysians, especially the promoter.

“I hope the issue will not be prolonged by anyone as I have met with YB Lim Lip Eng from DAP and apologised as well,” he said.

“Lim also said he would meet with the promoter as soon as possible.”

Edi entered the limelight earlier this week after a video of him berating the promoter went viral on social media.

He was seen demanding whether she had promoted the beer to anyone, including Muslims. He also insisted that she reply in Malay instead of English, saying this was “Bumi Melayu”.

The promoter, who was in the alcohol section of the hypermarket, remained calm throughout the episode and was heard saying “You are hilarious.”

Edi’s apology received a mixed response on Twitter, with some praising him for admitting his wrongdoing.

“Never mind, at least he has realised,” said one user, Rudy.

“Although I am still upset over the incident, I respect him because he made this video to apologise,” said another called Khay See Wai.

“Forgive, forget and move on, Malaysia,” added Vinesh Krishnan.

However, others criticised him for appearing to read from a script, saying this made him seem insincere.

In a statement, meanwhile, Carlsberg Malaysia acknowledged that one of its promoters had been “confronted by an aggressive man” on Nov 18.

It said the promoter had been conducting sampling activities with non-Muslim consumers of legal purchasing age in the non-halal section of the hypermarket.

“The harassment she received is unacceptable,” said Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Lars Lehmann. “We are very proud of how she handled the difficult situation and immediately offered support to her when she reported the incident.”

Lehmann added that the company’s sampling activities were strictly for non-Muslims of legal purchasing age.

He said the promoter appreciated the encouragement and support from the public but had urged all parties to respect her privacy by refraining from circulating images, videos or her personal information.