Tangau’s police report an act of desperation, says PBS

Former PBS secretary-general Johnny Mositun (left) has described the police report by Upko president Madius Tangau as mere theatrics.

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister and Upko president Madius Tangau’s reason for lodging a police report against a social media post is silly and pathetic, a PBS leader said today.

Former PBS secretary-general and Pantai Manis PBS chief Johnny Mositun laughed off what he described as Tangau’s theatrics in lodging a police report claiming he feared for his safety and that of his family.

“There was no threat of harm against anyone in that posting. So why all the dramatics by Tangau?” he said in a statement today.

Mositun said it showed that Upko was beginning to feel the burden of maintaining the lie that it had abandoned Barisan Nasional to join Warisan, PKR and DAP to form a coalition government for truly unselfish reasons.

Since jumping ship, he said Tangau had been singled out by critics for betraying his constituents who voted him as MP in GE14 on a BN ticket.

“Madius and his handful of supporters may say what they like but Sabahans are not fooled.

“Upko supporters will keep repeating their own versions of the so-called mistakes and failures of their former BN partners, especially PBS, just to make themselves look good.

“But till today, they cannot really explain how Upko could go into GE14 on the BN ticket and within two days make a U-turn to join the Warisan-led coalition that it had roundly condemned up till polling day.”

He said this was why Tangau had lodged the police report out of frustration and desperation because the social media posting had listed out Upko’s “sins” against Sabahans.

‘Take criticisms in your stride’

Mositun said Tangau, as an experienced politician and former federal minister leading a political party, should take such criticisms in his stride.

“This police report is a clear indication of the frustration and desperation he is feeling because the repeated denials and ‘explanations’ they (Upko leaders) have been making are simply not believed by anyone.

“Now, he is resorting to threats of police action against his social media critics. He’s losing his cool, it would seem.”

Mositun said as usual, Tangau had left it to his party’s secretary-general, Nelson Angang, to issue a long-winded diatribe against PBS.

“That’s typical of Upko. Each time anyone hits out at them, they’ll raise the PBS bogeyman. Why is that? Make your own guess.

“Whether they like it or not, I say that from its birth, Upko has had the burning desire to replace PBS. Not just that. It wants to take over the custodianship of the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) in one way or another,” he said.

Mositun said it was just recently that Upko leaders had proposed that the state government should stop the Kaamatan Festival, which is being organised by the KDCA.

“Why? Because Huguan Siou Joseph Pairin Kitingan is the KDCA president?

“And seeing how the KDM community reacted, an attempt at damage control is being made, with Tangau offering to contest the position of KDCA deputy president.

“Of course, that’s his right, but one cannot help but ask just how far Upko will go with this obsessive mania to outdo PBS. How does that help the KDM community?”