Dr M: Langkawi hotel’s success shows govt shouldn’t conduct business

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the opening of Dash Resort in Langkawi. (Bernama pic)

LANGKAWI: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has hailed the success of Dash Resort’s managing company, Ri-Yaz Hotels and Resorts, for turning the once government-owned building into an attractive high-end destination.

Mahathir, who is also the MP for Langkawi, said this again proved that the government should not be involved in business and it should be left to the private sector.

“The private sector has ideas on how to make money and members of the sector are careful with their funds. The government has no objection as 26% of what you (private sector) make is ours and this is good business,” he said, referring to the taxes collected by the government from the private sector.

Speaking at the opening of Dash Resort, a new international resort at Pantai Tengah here, he called on Malaysians to seize the job opportunities created from this and many other projects on the island and all over the country.

Mahathir said if Malaysians were slow in responding to the employment opportunities, foreigners might have to be brought in to fill the positions.

Meanwhile, Ri-Yaz Hotels and Resorts founder and group managing director Mohammed Shaheen Shah Mohd Sidek expressed confidence that the resort would be a great addition to what Langkawi has to offer.

“We are proud to do our bit to provide a positive experience for visitors and drive tourism on the island,” he added.