Repent now, Wan Saiful tells ‘desperate’ Zahid

PPBM supreme council member Wan Saiful Wan Jan urges Umno and its president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to stop fanning religious divide.

PETALING JAYA: PPBM supreme council member Wan Saiful Wan Jan said any racial and religious upheaval in the country would only benefit Umno and its president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi after the latter asked a Cabinet minister if he was a Muslim for supporting a human rights treaty.

“Perhaps this is the only way he can divert the people’s attention from the court cases that may lead him to jail soon,” Wan Saiful said, while urging Zahid to repent.

Wan Saiful said in a statement that enough damage has been done and Umno should not cause more disunity for its benefit.

Yesterday, Zahid questioned the faith of Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah for supporting the government’s initial plan to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

Zahid told hundreds of Umno members at an event that the issue of ICERD was not political but it was about defending provisions enshrined in the country’s constitution.

“Are you a Muslim? This is not about politics, it’s not. We are only asking for what had been enshrined in the constitution to be defended. Isn’t that right?” Zahid said to loud cheers from the floor.

But Wan Saiful said such a statement showed Zahid and Umno were “very desperate”.

“Statements that fan religious divide are very dangerous. Does Zahid want to be God who judges one’s religion?”

Zahid has been slapped with 45 charges related to criminal breach of trust, money laundering and corrupt practices. He has claimed trial to all charges which were read before judge Azura Alwi.