New Bank Rakyat chairman to be named by New Year

KUALA LUMPUR: The replacement for sacked Bank Rakyat chairman Shukry Mohd Salleh will be named before the end of the year, according to Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof.

“If it was up to me I would have wanted to announce it yesterday but we are following procedure and we don’t want to jump the gun.

“I assure you that the candidate is a professional who has been involved internationally in banking management. He’s not a politician,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference in the Parliament building, the Alor Gajah MP said although the appointment was up to his ministry, they were taking a professional approach by getting feedback from Bank Negara.

On Monday, Putrajaya sacked Shukry with immediate effect, saying the decision was due to his involvement in the original audit report on 1MDB.

“We wanted to wait for his contract to end before changing but with the current situation involving integrity, I didn’t hesitate in sacking him.”

Redzuan, in winding up matters related to his ministry in Budget 2019 in the Dewan Rakyat said he was contented with the allocation given, especially for a new ministry.