Johor port expansion won’t encroach on Singapore waters, says Dr M

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Malaysia will ensure that any expansion of the Johor Bahru port remains within its borders.

SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says steps will be taken to ensure that the move to expand the limits of the Johor Bahru port does not encroach on Singapore territory.

“We can measure (and see) whether we have encroached on their borders, and (ensure) that we are still within our own waters,” he said after launching the POS Malaysia Workers’ Association conference here today.

This comes after Singapore lodged a protest with Putrajaya over the matter.

The republic also requested that Malaysia amend the Gazette Notification, PC 88/2018 and NtM 164/2018 to reflect Singapore’s sovereignty over the waters in question, and refrain from any further unilateral action.

In a statement yesterday, the Singapore transport ministry said over the past two weeks, vessels from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Marine Department Malaysia had repeatedly intruded into Singapore territorial waters off Tuas.

Adding that these movements were inconsistent with international law, it said the republic would not hesitate to take action against intrusions and unauthorised activities in its waters.