Anwar hints of change in Sabah PKR leadership

Anwar (seated, third from right) with Christina Liew (second right) and other Sabah PKR leaders after a meeting in Kota Kinabalu today.

KOTA KINABALU: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim hinted today of a change in the party’s Sabah leadership.

“There is a possibility (of change) … I can’t say now, I’ve got to study the views.

“I will, of course, discuss further with (central) leaders of the party but, more importantly, as the party constitution stipulates, I have to take into account the expressions, accounts, sentiments and views of the division heads.

“So I will announce very soon … in the next few days (as) our political bureau meets every Tuesday. So maybe on Tuesday night or afterwards,” he said to reporters here.

Pressed further on whether the change would involve naming a new state PKR chief, Anwar said jokingly: “You are proposing me?

“No, but the process is that we don’t want to rush it, we have to digest it, get the numbers. Then, if I need to, I would call them (divisional leaders) up again, and ask them why (or) why not,” he said.

“But the principle is, I would certainly respect, although I have not announced, the wishes of the majority of divisional leaders – not only in Sabah (but) in all the previous eight states (I visited),” he said.

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew is the incumbent Sabah PKR chairperson. She previously brushed off claims of a move to oust her as the chief, saying it was hearsay and that she knew nothing of the sort.

It was also reported that Tawau PKR chief Kong Hong Ming had the support of 15 of the 25 divisional leaders to lead the party in the state.

Anwar said he would make a decision “in true democratic spirit”.

“I follow the wishes and sentiments of the majority. And I don’t think Sabah is an exception unless there are compelling cases where the person is so antagonistic, or problematic.

“But I don’t see that as a problem thus far, and certainly not in Sabah. I certainly respect the majority in the state, this is the party spirit,” he said.