Who will hold govt accountable if everyone jumps ship, MCA asks after Sabah exodus

The Sabah Umno leaders who quit the party on Wednesday and pledged support for the Pakatan Harapan government. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: MCA today criticised the exodus of leaders from Sabah Umno and their pledge of loyalty to Pakatan Harapan (PH), asking who would hold the government accountable if everyone jumped ship to join the ruling coalition.

In a statement, MCA president Wee Ka Siong said democracy would only flourish when there is a two-party system with checks and balances in place.

He voiced concern over the situation in Sabah, following the exit of 36 elected representatives, senators and division heads, and asked who would be the “voice of the people” in Parliament to hold Putrajaya accountable.

“The situation in Sabah where there is no longer any strong opposition after the recent mass jumping of assemblymen from the opposition to the government is worrying,” he said.

He also questioned the decision by the Sabah legislative assembly yesterday to lift the two-term limit on the tenure of the state governor.

“How does this move benefit the people? How is it consistent with PH’s manifesto that seeks to limit the terms of those in power?”

The Ayer Hitam MP, who is MCA’s sole representative in the Dewan Rakyat, said “rule number one” in any democracy was the need for a strong opposition.

“MCA members and leaders must understand why this is important, why you are important, and why we must carry out our responsibilities and perform our roles well, for the sake of the nation and for democracy,” he added.