We’ll leave PH govt if New Malaysia objectives abandoned, says Kit Siang

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang says his party fights for the rights of all races.

PETALING JAYA: DAP leaders, whether in government or outside, will leave the Pakatan Harapan government if the objective of a New Malaysia is abandoned, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said.

He said DAP leaders are in the government because they can play an important role in building a New Malaysia and “save Malaysia from becoming a sham democracy, a “kakistocracy”, a failed state and a “global kleptocracy”.

Lim was responding to a Facebook posting by journalist-turned-businessman Clement Hii that people might see DAP as another MCA if it didn’t continue to push for its reform agenda now that it was part of the ruling coalition.

Lim, in a statement, said: “DAP leaders will never be as spineless as MCA leaders.”

He went on to state why DAP was different from MCA and will never become “MCA 2”.

For one, he said, MCA only represented the Chinese and fought for the rights of that community while DAP was for all races.

“DAP is a multiracial party dedicated to the wellbeing and welfare of all races to be found in Malaysia, and not mono-ethnic as in the case of MCA.

“DAP wants its leaders and members to be in politics to serve the nation and not to serve themselves, whether for wealth, titles or position.

“DAP’s politics of multiracialism is the only way to build a united and successful Malaysia as the continuation of the politics of mono-ethnicity can never unite a plural Malaysia,” Lim said.