Why freeze Umno assets for so long, Tajuddin Rahman asks

Umno veteran Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says MPs who quit party are ‘morally corrupt’.

PETALING JAYA: Umno veteran Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has hit out at Pakatan Harapan for freezing its assets for a prolonged period of time.

He said the authorities should quickly determine if there was any truth to claims of their funds being linked to 1MDB.

“Pakatan Harapan is cruel in freezing our funds. Investigate quickly lah. Why are they taking so long?”

He told FMT the government was clearly not being fair to Umno which wanted to function as a proper opposition party and carry out proper checks and balances as part of the democratic system.

“Why does PH want to penalise us? For what? We are just asking for our role to be respected.”

He said the government should not concern itself with criticism from the opposition if it was doing its job well.

“The problem is, it is not confident about itself,” he said. That is why Umno’s funds are being withheld, Tajuddin added.

Previously, Umno’s legal bureau head Azalina Othman Said had said the party had hired a team of lawyers to claim its money amounting to RM116.7 million.

In July, the 1MDB special task force had said 408 bank accounts of individuals, political parties and NGOs, involving about RM1.1 billion, have been frozen.

Tajuddin also hit out at MPs who have left Umno, describing them as “morally corrupt” because they have left the party they originally contested under.

“Now, no money is it? So leave the party and support the government? It is tough to be opposition, is it?

“(They) only know how to be in the government,” Tajuddin said, slamming the 17 Umno MPs who have left the party so far.