Ex-MIC members in Sabah form new govt-friendly party

PBIS pro tem president V Jothi (in yellow batik shirt) holds up the party’s application form to the RoS.

KOTA KINABALU: A former Sabah MIC chief and several others have formed a new government-friendly party called Parti Bersatu India Sabah (PBIS) after ditching the peninsula-based outfit last year.

PBIS pro tem president V Jothi said the party submitted an application to the registrar of societies (RoS) last month and expected it to be registered soon.

He said the party had about 2,000 members, with more expected to join.

Jothi said the party’s objectives were to protect, promote and enhance the community’s political, economic, educational, cultural, religious and social interests.

“We want continuity and change in tandem with Malaysia Baharu following the demise of MIC in Sabah,” Jothi, who left the party in July last year, told FMT here today.

“With the formation of PBIS, the welfare of the community will be well-guarded and the economic reforms in the new Malaysia will be expedited to benefit the people.”

“Our leaders feel the formation of PBIS, with support for the government of the day at the federal and state levels, will augur well for the future of the community.

Jothi dismissed claims by other former MIC leaders that the community did not need a new party.

“They can say what they want. If we want the community to be taken care of, we must move forward,” he said.

He said the community still faced a host of problems, particularly on the issue of the Migration Fund Board scheme workers.

Indians from Peninsular Malaysia came to work in Sabah during the early days of Malaysia under the scheme, and many still faced problems in applying for Permanent Residence (PR) status, he said.