Kayveas to contest in Cameron Highlands

MyPPP president M Kayveas (middle) says he will champion labour and environment issues in the Cameron Highlands by-election.

KUALA LUMPUR: MyPPP president M Kayveas today confirmed that he will be contesting in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary by-election.

“The party supreme council members have given me their unanimous support to contest the by-election after a meeting today,” he told reporters at his party headquarters here.

Kayveas, 64, said he would champion issues concerning labour, the traffic, the environment, land titles disputes, local housing, and grouses pertaining to the local farmers.

The one-time Taiping MP, who had previously lobbied to contest in Cameron Highlands during the 14th general election, said he remained the underdog in the by-election.

He rated his chances as “50/50”.

He said MyPPP had not decided on the logo to use for the by-election.

Kayveas also cleared the air over his party position.

“The registrar of societies (RoS) clearly states I am the party president,” he said.

Kayveas had been embroiled in a dispute over the MyPPP presidency in mid-2018 after he was alleged to have been sacked by other party leaders.

Today, however, he said he could only be removed through an annual general assembly or an extraordinary general meeting.

Cameron Highlands is a traditional MIC seat. It was won by the party’s C Sivarraajh in the May 9 general election.

However, the Election Court declared the seat vacant after finding he had engaged in corrupt practices.

Sivarraajh, who did not appeal the decision, is barred from contesting this time around.

Pakatan Harapan (PH) has announced that DAP’s M Manogaran would be its candidate for the by-election.

MIC has not named its candidate yet.

Nominations will be held on Saturday and polling on Jan 26.