Come back to Upko, party tells former vice-president Suan

Nabawan assemblyman Bobbey Suan never pledged his support for Warisan or Pakatan Harapan despite leaving Upko. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: The Upko Pensiangan interior division has no problem welcoming Nabawan assemblyman Bobbey Suan back into its fold despite him quitting the party just months ago.

Its chief Jubilin Kilan said the division would accept Suan – a former Upko vice-president before he resigned last July – back with open arms.

“This is what we’ve been working on before since last May. Datuk Bobbey, come back to Upko.

“The Christmas celebration in our area recently was more meaningful when he (Suan) expressed his willingness to return and be with Upko,” Kilan said in a statement here today.

Met by Bernama during the Christmas celebration in Nabawan last weekend, Suan, now an assemblyman with the Gabungan Bersatu Sabah opposition bloc did not rule out a return to his former party.

Suan said he would return if the people and party members in his area wanted him to, adding that he was willing to set aside personal differences.

“Actually, it looks I am headed back there (to Upko),” he was quoted as saying.

Jubilin said his committee members had never given up hope Suan would return to the party.

He said the division’s wings, including the women, youth and Komulakan, felt the same.

Yesterday, Pensiangan PKR chief Raymond Ahuar criticised Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick for inviting Suan to a programme he was scheduled to launch in Nabawan on Jan 5.

“Benedick should not have involved an opposition leader in a programme also attended by his permanent secretary and the Nabawan district officer.

“His action shows he is disrespectful towards leaders from other parties within the government,” Ahuar said.

He said Benedick seemed to be in cahoots with the opposition in Nabawan.

Suan had submitted his resignation letter in July but the party only accepted it in November. Unlike other Upko elected representatives, he did not pledge support for the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan ruling alliance.