College student fails test for fourth time, threatens RTD tester with knife

Police inspecting the RTD tester’s car after the incident in Mantin. (Facebook pic)

NILAI: A teenage college student was apprehended after he pointed a 30cm knife at a Road Transport Department (RTD) tester after being told that he failed his driving test for the fourth time yesterday.

Nilai district police chief Mohd Nor Marzukee Besar said that in the 10.23am incident in Mantin, the 18-year-old was furious when told by the tester that he had failed because he had committed several traffic violations, including not stopping when the traffic light was red.

“So, the tester asked the teenager to stop about 50m from the Batang Benar traffic light junction so that he (the tester) could take over the wheel.

“However, the teenager did not budge and instead reached for his black bag in the back seat before brandishing the knife, which he pointed at the tester,” he told Bernama today in response to the incident, which went viral on social media today.

He said although the tester tried to calm the boy down, the teenager kept repeating that he wanted to pass as he had failed three previous tests.

“The tester managed to get out from the vehicle and contacted the police, who rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect.

“A urine test on the suspect, who is from Kuala Lumpur, proved negative for drugs,” he added.