Other races must understand Malay concerns, says Anwar

(From left) PKR vice-president Xavier Jayakumar, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and Pandan MP Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

SHAH ALAM: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has called for understanding among the people of concerns over the rights of the Malays and Bumiputeras.

At a dinner event with PKR supporters last night, he said all efforts to defend such rights must be accompanied by the defence of other races’ rights as well.

However, he urged non-Malays to understand the concerns of the Malays, whom he said felt a threat to their rights and position.

“And the Malays must understand that when we speak about poverty, there are still Chinese in urban areas who are poor, and Indians in estates whose rights must be defended because this country is committed to strengthening fairness and freedom for all,” he added.

He said citizens would be more keen to defend the country if the government continued to defend their rights.

“Don’t ask for the people’s support without giving them ours as well.

“If we only support them when we campaign during elections, then support only ourselves, our children and our cronies after elections, that is not the right way.”

He also urged the party grassroots to remain disciplined and united despite dissatisfaction or differences in opinion.

“Even though we may have differences, and there are some who are dissatisfied, when we make decisions we must commit to them and move forward.

“I will not tolerate it when it comes to matters of discipline among party members,” he said.

Anwar also reminded PKR members that the party was established to look after the people.

“We were not set up to enrich ourselves, our children and our cronies.”

Anwar, who is Port Dickson MP, gave the example of a recent trip to his constituency where he said he had met parents with financial problems who were struggling to meet school expenses for the year.

“Our work is not over until the plight of our people is over,” he added.