Umno veteran: Ties with PAS improving, can win big in GE15

Umno’s Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says the party is willing to work with NGOs and Chinese-based associations to win wider support.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno veteran Tajuddin Abdul Rahman today said the party’s relationship with PAS is improving and gaining grassroots support.

The growing relationship will help in seat distribution during the next general election, he said.

“When PAS and Umno unite, we fight one on one with PH (Pakatan Harapan). We can then win big.

“If we have 100 seats, others would want to join us,” the Pasir Salak MP said at a meet-the-media session here.

Tajuddin said MIC and MCA had no objections so far to the idea of Umno and PAS joining hands to win wider grassroots support.

“We have our own strategy. We need to trade (with others). We bring in partners,” he said, adding that they were ready to work with NGOs and Chinese-based associations to get the support.

He said Umno had no plans to work with PKR as the party’s ideology was different.

Furthermore, he said there were only about 20% Malays in PKR, with Chinese and Indians forming the majority of the members.

“Therefore, it is another version of DAP.”

‘Malaysia still needs race-based parties’

Tajuddin said Malaysia could only do away with race-based political parties after all the races had reached a “meeting point”.

At the moment, he said each race was still concerned with achieving individual goals.

“We have not reached the point where we are able to share common goals and objectives,” he said, referring to a situation where all races could enjoy equal success and distribution of wealth.

He said the economic gap between the Malays, Indians and Chinese was still apparent.

“Even then, the Malays and Indians have kept these feelings to themselves.

“There are still a number of Indians in the estates. They need to be given the opportunity,” he said.

However, Tajuddin felt the DAP’s agenda was different.

He said DAP had been putting forward the agenda of practising meritocracy.

“They don’t say it is a Chinese agenda. We have to look at their indirect (messages). That is their strategy.”

For instance, he said some DAP ministers wear the baju kurung to create the notion that they are multicultural.