Car washer receives enough donations to start his own business

S Sukumarah used to wash cars with only a bucket and a washcloth, but now plans are afoot for a proper business.

PETALING JAYA: Things are beginning to look up for car washer S Sukumarah and his family after their long stretch of bad luck, which included a period during which they were forced to live at a bus stop.

Barely a week after Sukumarah’s story came to light, enough help has poured in for him to begin his own mobile car wash business.

His wife, M Kanagi, told FMT her husband was planning to buy a second-hand van which he would use to wash cars around Section 9 in Shah Alam.

She said he would also buy proper car washing equipment and products instead of the pail and washcloth he has been using until now.

“He just has to obtain a business licence before he can start his business,” she added. “We are thankful for all the donations we have received.”

Kanagi said Sukumarah would also discuss the supply of water and electricity for his business with a restaurant in the area.

“Now we are in the process of planning, and everything is going well. We will make sure everything is done in accordance with the law so that we do not trouble anyone,” she said.

The story of Sukumarah, Kanagi and their children – 12-year-old S Sarmini and six-year-old S Hariaran – went viral after a Good Samaritan discovered that Sukumarah was washing cars on the street to put food on the table and buy schoolbooks for Sarmini.

Their plight drew sympathy from individuals and companies alike, many of whom offered help and support for the family. Among them was former prime minister Najib Razak, who personally visited the family at their dilapidated home in Padang Jawa, on the outskirts of Shah Alam.