Minister steps in to solve standoff in Perak Orang Asli village

A sign erected by Orang Asli villagers warning tresspassers near Kampung Tasik Cunex, Gerik, Perak. (Peka pic)

PETALING JAYA: The minister in charge of national unity P Waytha Moorthy has stepped in to solve a dispute between a logging company and a group of Orang Asli residents who have set up a blockade to prevent encroachments into their settlement in Perak, said Jakoa.

Jakoa, or the Department of Orang Asli Development, also called for a suspension of all logging activities near the settlement in Gerik.

“Jakoa proposes that all logging activities be put on hold until the meeting,” said Jakoa director-general Ajis Sitin.

This followed a report by FMT yesterday on claims by the Orang Asli community in Kampung Tasik Cunex, Gerik, who said state authorities had encroached onto their land to carry out logging.

Villagers who set up barricades to prevent timber lorries from entering the area, also claimed that the logging company and the Perak Forestry Department had threatened them.

The Perak Forestry Department has denied the claims, while Abdul Aziz Bari, the Perak state exco in charge of the environment, said he was not involved in the decision to start logging in the area.