Kadir is wrong about economic council, says Azmin

Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, who is among the 16 members of the council, says the council comprises experts from various fields.

PETALING JAYA: Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali has refuted Kadir Jasin’s claim that Putrajaya’s move to establish the high-powered Economic Action Council (EAC) is an admission by Putrajaya that the Cabinet is not up to mark.

“It is not true at all. It is not about one minister. We in Pakatan Harapan move collectively, so that’s why there is a council,” he told reporters at an event at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport here.

Azmin, who is among the 16 members of the council, said the council comprises experts and those of “good reputation” from among the public.

Their input, he said, was important and needed to be streamlined.

“We will make decisions together as any action taken after that will be good for the people.”

Azmin said although he was not sure when the first meeting would take place, he expected it to be soon.

Earlier today, Kadir, who is Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s communications and media adviser, said the setting up of the EAC was a sign of the government’s admission that its Cabinet was still not up to scratch some nine months after coming to power.

In a blog post, Kadir said it was no longer a secret that Pakatan Harapan (PH) had failed to live up to people’s expectations and had not been able to show “tangible results to the masses.”

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s Office announced the names of 16 individuals who will make up the EAC. Among the council’s goals are to spur sustainable growth and ensure equal distribution of wealth.

Among those in the council are economist KS Jomo, Public Bank managing director Tay Ah Lek and former minister Rafidah Aziz.