Marzuki remains PPBM sec-gen despite ‘fake’ degree claim, says Muhyiddin

PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin says the party will not take any action against its secretary-general.

SEMENYIH: PPBM does not intend to take any action against Marzuki Yahya though he is said to have a dubious academic qualification, said party president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Saying Marzuki had given an explanation to PPBM, Muhyiddin added that Marzuki would remain as the party’s secretary-general.

However, he said Marzuki’s position in the Cabinet lay in the hands of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“His (Marzuki) explanation is enough. He never said his certificate was from Cambridge in UK but Cambridge in US. This issue should be put to rest,” said Muhyiddin during a visit to the 4th Battalion General Operations Force camp here today.

The PPBM president said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government and PPBM would always hold to the principles of integrity, honesty and truth.

“Don’t ever lie. If you make up a story, of course the people will not support you,” he warned.

The home minister also took the opportunity to clarify his visit today, claiming it had nothing to do with the Semenyih by-election to be held on March 2.

“I am just carrying out my duty to improve the work performance of the police and Prisons Department, explaining the government’s policy. I don’t think this is against work ethics,” said Muhyiddin.

Marzuki, who is deputy foreign minister, had said earlier that he had never portrayed himself as having graduated from the University of Cambridge.

“Even when I was asked by the media, I stated clearly that I had obtained my degree from Cambridge International University (CIU) in the United States and not the University of Cambridge (from UK),” he said in a Facebook post.

Previously, political activist Muhsin Abdul Latheef had lodged a police report after reading a Facebook post questioning the legitimacy of Marzuki’s Cambridge University degree. He said the Facebook post showed the Wikipedia page of the PPBM secretary-general, claiming to have obtained the degree from Cambridge via “long-distance learning”.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin refuted the claim by the prime minister’s communications and media adviser Abdul Kadir Jasin that the establishment of the Economic Action Council was a sign the Cabinet was failing.

“It is untrue. The council is to strengthen and drive the economy forward. It is one of PH’s initiatives,” said the minister.

Earlier today, Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali also refuted Kadir’s claim, saying: “It is not true at all. It is not about one minister. We in Pakatan Harapan move collectively, so that’s why there is a council.”

Kadir had said the setting up of the EAC was a sign of the government’s admission that its Cabinet was still not up to scratch some nine months after coming to power.