Adib inquest: I saw some men helping fireman who was in pain, says witness

Amirrul Adli M Yussli, now a trainee air steward, told the coroner’s court that two or three Indians went to Adib’s aid.

SHAH ALAM: A witness told the coroner’s court that he saw the late fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim sitting down with folded arms, and in pain, outside the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang Jaya last Nov 27.

Amirrul Adli M Yussli said he knew Adib was a fireman because he was in uniform.

“He was writhing in pain, about 40 metres from where I was standing,” he told conducting officer Fateni Hadni Khairuddin.

Amirrul, who is now a trainee air steward, said two or three Indians went to the aid of Adib.

“Then I saw some people carrying Adib to a place where my damaged car was parked,” he said, adding that the area where Adib was found was not bright.

Amirrul, 26, said he also heard some people uttering that Adib had fainted.

“One of the men asked me to rush Adib to a nearby hospital but I could not as my car was damaged by rioters,” he said.

Amirrul said a group of men then carried Adib to another location and he did not know what happened after that.

Amirrul, who was together with a friend, Azfar Jamili Bakar Jamili, managed to enter his car through the front left door and drove to the Taipan police station to lodge a report about the damage to his vehicle.

Amirrul is the fourth witness in the inquest being held to determine the cause of Adib’s death. Adib was allegedly attacked by rioters during violence outside the temple on Nov 27. He died at the National Heart Institute on Dec 17.

Earlier, Amirrul told the inquest that he and Azfar Jamili had supper at a restaurant in USJ about 11pm on Nov 27 last year and left about 90 minutes later to go to Putra Heights.

“Jamili was driving my car and as we were passing through, we saw a crowd outside the temple. We were interested to find what was happening,” he said.

He said Azfar Jamili parked the car near a road shoulder.

Amirrul said he was told by a couple there that the previous day (Nov 26, 2018) a group of Malays had entered the temple and rioted there.

Amirrul said he saw a car on fire and later a fire engine and an Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) van arrive at the scene.

(Adib, a paramedic, was in the van together with driver Ahmad Shahril Othman.)

“I saw a fireman coming to douse the flame but the crowd told him not to do so,” he said.

Later there was a commotion where some people threw bottles at the fire engine and the van. “About 100 people came from the temple,” he said.

Amirull said he also saw the fire engine reversing and colliding with the van and that this happened very fast.

The witness said he later gave a statement to the police in Shah Alam. He came to know that the firemen whom he had seen in pain previously was Adib.