Take a stand on judicial interference, lawyer tells Bar, Putrajaya

Lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo.

PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo has questioned the Bar Council’s silence on her legal action against the alleged failure of Chief Justice Richard Malanjum to complete investigations into cases of judicial interference.

She said the Bar must take a stand as the issue is related to the integrity of the Malaysian judiciary.

“Despite having been served with a copy of the court papers soon after the action was filed, the chairman of the Bar Council has regrettably found it fit to remain silent on such a fundamental issue,” she said in a statement.

She also urged Putrajaya to take a stand on the matter.

“Stakeholders, especially the Pakatan Harapan government, must not renege their duty to address this crisis,” she said while discussing Court of Appeal judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer’s affidavit on incidents of judicial interference.

The allegations of judicial interference include a sedition case against Sangeet’s father, the late Karpal Singh.

Another was made by Hamid, who claims he was chided by a top judge in the presence of other judges for delivering a dissenting judgment in the M Indira Gandhi unilateral conversion case.

Sangeet said Hamid’s move to file the affidavit was unprecedented and exceptionally bold.

“Hamid must be offered the protection that he now requires and he must also be given the opportunity to reveal further information which he says he has, through formal channels of inquiry,” she said.

Sangeet said the current administration and Malanjum must immediately address the alarming revelations in the affidavit, adding that failure to do so would speak for itself.

Sangeet filed an action against the chief justice last month, seeking a declaration that he had failed in his duty to preserve and protect the integrity of the judiciary.

On his part, Malanjum said the investigations into the allegations of judicial interference in Karpal’s sedition appeal were suspended because of an ongoing police investigation and the pending appeal before the Federal Court.