Transparency International Malaysia says private companies should not do CSR with police

TI-M president Akhbar Satar

PETALING JAYA: Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) has questioned private entities funding working trips by the police, saying it could be interpreted as a form of gratification.

This followed a claim by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng that gaming firm Da Ma Cai had funded an overseas trip for a delegation led by Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

TI-M president Akhbar Satar said it was unprofessional for police to accept Da Ma Cai’s sponsorship, even though the company runs a legal business.

“It is not acceptable, regardless of whether the junket trip or working trip is sponsored by Da Ma Cai, Sime Darby or Resorts World,” Akhbar said in a statement.

“A federal government agency, more so the police, must refrain from such trips sponsored by a private company, especially when the trip could well expose the police to allegations of corrupt practices and accepting gratification.”

He said enforcement agencies would be in a difficult position if a private company from whom they had received sponsorship in the past were to be the subject of any future investigation.

He also said any company wishing to fulfil its corporate social responsibility should not channel money directly to enforcement agencies as it could lead to corruption.

It was reported that the delegation was in Turkey to learn about policing online gambling, with pictures of Fuzi and senior police officers published online.

Akhbar said despite the explanation from the government, the public had a different perception of the trip.

“In the eyes of the rakyat, it is more of a holiday trip than a liaison and fact-finding trip.

“If there is a real need for such a trip, then send only a small number of relevant, younger officers for the trip to liaise and learn from the Turkish authorities,” he said.