Putrajaya allocates RM1.1 bil for development of rural Sabah

Deputy Rural Development Minister R Sivarasa.

PITAS: The rural development ministry (KPLB) is committed to developing the rural areas in Sabah for which it has allocated RM1.13 billion this year.

Its deputy minister, R Sivarasa, said the distribution of funds will be prioritised to the population in the more needy areas.

“The allocation is intended to provide basic amenities such as water and electricity as well as infrastructure such as roads.

“Some rural people in Sabah have been neglected and it is now the responsibility of the new government to review the situation,” he told reporters after a working visit to Pitas today.

He said some villages in the district still lacked access to electricity and clean water, 61 years after the country gained independence.

“Therefore, the areas ‘where they don’t have’ will be given a priority. The places that already have certain basic amenities can wait for the upgrade,” he said.

The working visit to Pitas, Sivarasa said, was to get a comprehensive picture of the district and to seek new strategies and alternatives to bring changes in the area, especially in Kampung Lugu and Kampung Dandun.

He also approved a water pump and engine at Kampung Lugu. The previous one had been washed away in the recent floods

Kampung Lugu and Kampung Dandun are two villages with 3,000 residents who use a suspension bridge as their main route and are in need of clean water and electricity supply.