We’re no longer rich, let’s emulate PAS members, Najib tells Umno

Najib Razak says cooperation with PAS is critical but the party can only rise again with support from other communities.

PETALING JAYA: Former Umno president Najib Razak has urged party members to come to terms with the reality of being in the opposition, saying as it is no longer the government, it does not have a big war chest to fund its activities.

Addressing Umno members in Pekan, Pahang today some nine months after his resignation from all party posts following Barisan Nasional’s fall from power, Najib praised the dedication shown by PAS members in supporting the party financially.

He said programmes by the Islamist party were funded by their members.

“PAS doesn’t have power. Its party events are funded through donations. Whereas whenever we hold an event, we ask if there is a sponsor or not.

“We must change Umno’s paradigm. The times when we were rich have passed. We have experienced all the comfort. But this is our opportunity to give back to the party and show love to the party,” Najib said in his speech to Umno divisional leaders and members at the Pekan Umno headquarters.

“It’s what we can give to the party, not what the party can give us.”

In his speech, Najib also expressed confidence that Umno would rise again and come out of its current “eclipse”.

He said although the cooperation with PAS was critical, Umno must not lose sight of the non-Malay communities including in Sabah and Sarawak.

“We need support from the Chinese and Indian communities. We should not be extreme and say we don’t need them,” said Najib.