Thank Dr M instead of attacking him, ex-Umno leader tells Warisan man

Former national Umno Youth exco Armizan Ali.

KOTA KINABALU: A former Umno Youth division chief has hit out at Warisan assemblyman Jamawi Jaafar for accusing Dr Mahathir Mohamad of divide-and-rule politics by approving PPBM’s entry into Sabah.

Armizan Ali said the Kemabong assemblyman should thank the prime minister and PPBM chairman instead of attacking him.

Jamawi, who is also formerly from Barisan Nasional, had joined Warisan following the general election last year.

Armizan, who is the former Papar Umno Youth division chief, said Jamawi should be thankful to Mahathir, who is Pakatan Harapan’s leader.

“This is because the present Sabah government would not have been formed if not for the change in the federal government after GE14,” he said.

Armizan said Jamawi should heed the advice of Warisan leader Shafie Apdal to members to not be emotional over PPBM’s move.

“As a capable young leader, with vast experience at the national level, he should help the chief minister to develop the state instead of laying the blame on Mahathir,” he said.