Muhyiddin directs IGP to probe the placing of idol at surau

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has instructed Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun to investigate in detail the parties responsible for placing an idol at the Sabilul Huda surau in Klang.

Condemning the deplorable, seditious and highly provocative act to insult Islam and undermine racial and religious harmony, Muhyiddin said strict action based on the law should be taken against the perpetrators.

“The home ministry will not compromise with any act of contempt for religion that can affect the harmony of the people.

“Those who committed the despicable act must be arrested, prosecuted in court and sentenced if convicted,” he said in a statement posted on his Facebook page today.

Muhyiddin said messages insulting Islam, disseminated through social media lately, were very dangerous as they had raised the ire of Muslims.

“The latest is the insult against Prophet Muhammad.

“The suspect in the case has been identified and investigations have been concluded by the police. I believe the deputy public prosecutor will decide on charging the suspect in court soon,’’ he said.

On Wednesday, the residents of Taman Pendamar were shocked when they found an idol placed beside the main entrance of the Sabilul Huda surau.

The idol was discovered by a surau official who turned up to prepare for the Asar prayers.

It was believed that the idol was stolen from a shrine in front of a house nearby.

When met by reporters after launching a blood donation programme, organised by the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Golf Foundation with the co-operation of the National Blood bank here, Muhyiddin said all quarters must respect and protect the racial and religious sensitivities in the country to maintain peace.

Ordering the authorities to be more firm against any individual who tried to raise the anger of the people, he said: “I remind all quarters not to insult race and religion or raise the anger of the people, regardless of whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims.

“Reminders alone are not enough, I also direct the police to be firm and act swiftly,” he added.