Mindef lodges police report over forged letters

The defence ministry says it does not want its name tarnished.

KUALA LUMPUR: The defence minister’s office today lodged a police report on two alleged forged letters of support for the supply of furniture and bus services at the ministry.

The office’s special functions officer 2, Rafizal Ali, said the police report was lodged because it did not want the name of the minister and the ministry to be abused.

He said the first letter, dated Dec 9, 2018, was from a company seeking special support from Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu for the supply of furniture estimated at RM3 million to the armed forces in Kelantan and Perak.

He said the letter also contained what were supposed to be the signature and name stamp and an instruction note from Mohamad.

The second letter, dated Jan 17 this year, purportedly came from the Treasury and Audit Division of the Public Administration Unit of the Naval Division, offering the supply of bus services and vehicles for military camps to a company.

It was accompanied by a letter of appointment to the supplying company for five years, Rafizal said after making the police report at the Wangsa Maju police station here today.

He claimed that both letters had been forged.

“The defence minister had never issued any support letter to the company concerned.

“The signature, official stamp and instruction note as contained in the letter were not from the minister or the minister’s office,” he said.