Group sees red over fast food price hike

The Malaysian Anti-Inflation Movement at a press conference today.

SEMENYIH: A consumer rights group today protested against the increase in price of fast food items from KFC and McDonald’s, claiming a rise of 30% compared to 2014.

In a press conference at a KFC outlet here, the Malaysian Anti-Inflation Movement said greater transparency was needed in the revision of prices by large international franchises.

“Based on customer experiences, the percentage of price increase is more than 30% compared to 2014 when the goods and services tax was implemented.

“This is an unreasonable increase which really burdens the people,” the group’s legal adviser Ng Kian Nam said.

Although the group had a bigger mission, he said, it had started with KFC and McDonald’s as they were two of the largest fast food chains in Malaysia.

Noting that even smaller shops are asked to put up a notice when prices are revised, he said fast food chains should be held more accountable.

“Consumers have basic rights under the relevant laws. I think we should practise some consumer awareness, especially with the international fast food chains,” Ng said.

In December, just three months after the sales and services tax was introduced, consumers took to social media to complain about higher prices of KFC and McDonald’s, with some claiming a RM4 hike in certain food items.

KFC later said that its price increase was due to the continuous improvement in its products.

The group has submitted a complaint to KFC Malaysia, and called for a boycott of the fast food chain until a detailed explanation is given.

Ng also urged the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry to publish the details of its investigation into the issue, which began last month.