Talk to us about Indira’s missing daughter, NGO urges authorities

Indira Gandhi Action Team group leader Arun Dorasamy (extreme left) with M Indira Gandhi (right) with Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan (second from right) when announcing the RM10,000 reward on Feb 23.

PETALING JAYA: The Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) today dismissed the apology demand by the National Registration Department (NRD) which claimed the group had slandered them by claiming it had issued a new MyKid for Indira Gandhi’s daughter, Prasana Diksa.

“Our concerns were legitimate. Our preliminary investigation showed there were moves by some quarters to conceal Prasana’s identity and avoid detection by either altering or reissuing a MyKid for her,” Ingat said in a statement today.

The NGO, formed to help Indira track down Prasana, urged the NRD to not be so defensive and instead have a discussion between both parties.

JPN director Mohammad Razin Abdullah, in denying a new MyKid was issued to Prasana, had said legal action would be taken against Ingat if the NGO refuses to apologise for slandering NRD.

Ingat chairman Arun Dorasamy said they had brought their concerns to the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for them to carry out their duties.

Arun said Ingat’s investigation chief Ravi Dorasamy had been receiving information from the public on Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah’s whereabouts and thinks he is staying close to Thailand.

Last week, Ingat offered a RM10,000 reward to the public to help track down Riduan.

Ingat also said they would seek help from Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa to scan through the tahfiz and religious schools system to find Indira’s youngest daughter.

The Federal Court had in April 2016 ordered the inspector-general of police to arrest Riduan for contempt after he failed to obey the court order to surrender Prasana to Indira.

Prasana was one year old in 2009 when Riduan snatched her from Indira.

“Ingat is very concerned over the safety of Prasana as the information surfacing is not very comforting,” Arun said.

The group would be calling for a day of multi-faith prayers soon for Prasana’s safe return to Indira.

Indira had won her challenge to nullify her three children’s conversion to Islam by Riduan, formerly known as K Pathmanathan.

Police said they had failed to track down Riduan since 2014 and urged the public to come forward and provide information related to Riduan.